Wednesday, April 28, 2010

{Birthing Class...CHECK}

We have completed our Prepared Birthing Classes through John C. Lincoln as of this last Sunday. It was a long weekend because we unknowingly signed up for an accelerated course that was 10 hours of learning about baby/birthing and more in one weekend. Ryan was a real trooper (as well as all the other daddies in our class) and endured all the information, graphic videos, breathing exercises, swaddling and much more in good stride. It truly makes me so appreciative that my husband and Reegan’s daddy takes such a BIG interest about every detail of this pregnancy…I already knew he was going to be a PERFECT dad but this proves it even further. We had the opportunity to tour the hospital and rooms that we will be staying in when Reegan is born. The facility and staff on hand seem awesome! I had to laugh after the tour when Ryan said that once in the room that his nerves started to get the best of him. He is worried about the birthing process for me but I assured him that everything will be fine and that babies are born every day. I pray that this is in fact the case but as of right we have been blessed with a great pregnancy so I’m hoping this is an indication of how the birth of our first baby will be.

xo- {Rache}

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