Monday, May 24, 2010

{Aches and Pains and Cramps...Oh My!}

Well as I am at the final week of my second trimester I have noticed a lot of new side effects of my pregnancy - which are typical of any pregnancy but new to me. I decided this past weekend to completely clean out my laundry room which seemed great at the time but that same night I had leg cramping like you couldn't believe. Luckily after tossing, turning, moaning and groaning for about an hour I was finally able to get to sleep. I also find that the more inactive I am the more my back hurts. This happens a lot at work and at night when I sleep. I used to move around quite a bit but now am pretty immobile thus the lack of movement while I sleep and I usually wake up to an aching back. But I have been doing more walking lately and I am starting pregnancy yoga very soon. :) Overall though this pregnancy has been a true blessing and I get more excited everyday for when we get to see our daughter in person. So despite the aches, pains and cramps I am loving 27 weeks @ age 27!

xo- {Rache}

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