Tuesday, May 4, 2010

{Iron Rich Recipes}

I recently went to the OB to get a blood test done just for a standard check up. I found out that I am currently iron-deficient. The Dr. said just to up my over the counter iron dosage per day. So I talked to my nutritionist right away {Megan McNamee} to see about a supplement. Turns out my prenatal is already very high in iron. So I am just adding an extra dose per day and increasing the iron rich foods that I eat daily as well as the Vitamin C sources that are good for iron absorption. Sooooo if any of you have yummy recipes for steak or other red meat dishes please send them my way!

xo- {Rache}

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Megan said...

You're so cute! Turns out, any Mexican recipe with (organic) beef would be great because you will get the iron in the beef AND vitamin C in the tomatoes/salsa/peppers. Try this recipe: http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/beef_bean_chile_verde.html. It also has beans, which are good non-heme sources of iron. We will get you there girly!!