Monday, May 3, 2010

{Vegas BABY}

So Vegas was lots and lots much fun...but I now realize that is it not the best to travel when pregnant. Long lines for food, smoking everywhere, taxis are not always available, standing and waiting, etc. I was VERY proud that I was able to walk down the strip with the hubby from Plant Hollywood to the Wynn. However, this ended in blisters on my feet and Reegan sitting on my pelvic bone which wasn't the best...but my OB said I should be doing as much walking as possible so CHECK on that. ;) All in all it was another successful trip to Vegas but I'm VERY excited for my next trip to Vegas as we will be flying so I will have access to a restroom at all times and staying in an MGM condo that I hear is FABULOUS....and of course Reegan will get to hear from her Uncle Bill and Aunt Mac for the first time.

xo - {Rache}

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