Friday, June 4, 2010

{Readying Reegan's Room}

Thanks to Daddy-To-Be, Heather, Angela and Granddad Reegan's Room is well underway to becoming a FAB nursery. I am taking pictures during the process for everyone to see what this room looked before, as the man cave, and when it's finally done. Ryan was working so hard over Memorial Day weekend to get all the panels/chair rails up but I ended up forcing him to break and relax with me. It's no fun being out of the loop since I can't be around all the paint fumes. Well here is stage 1 of many stages I will be documenting. The colors on the wall went from a tan khaki color to a light yellow {main color} with a pink accent wall. The colors are not as vibrant as I wanted {I'm not a big fan of the pastels typically in baby rooms} but they matched the best with the fabrics we selected for her room. :) Hope you all like what you see so far. More to come soon as her crib and changing table arrived yesterday!

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