Thursday, June 24, 2010

{Ryan's Baby BBQ Shower - Event Pics}

So from what I hear the event was a TOTAL success!!! I was there for set up and to snap a couple pics and then us girls GOT OUTTA there! {More event pics with attendees to come}. I quickly took a few of the food set up for the party. I was told less is more on this event so I TRIED my best not to get too carried away with party setup, decor, etc. A special thanks to Brian Lizzet for all his help/ideas for this special day to get some of the guys together to celebrate Ryan's first kiddo!

Ryan's Congratulations Daddy-To-Be Cheeseburger Cake - that got devoured by the guys!

Some of the spread - the highlight was the fried chicken that my grams made for the event. THANK YOU GRAMS XOXO!

Good eats!

Future guys day attendee but that day Grant was stuck shopping with the girls!

A big THANK YOU for the start on our diaper stockpile guys!

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