Wednesday, September 8, 2010

{Lil Miss Poopy Pants}

What an experience today! Baby pooped on mommy! I was feeding her then all of a sudden she spit up on herself and then before I know it I felt something wet on my waist and sure enough it was her poopy. It was of course my fault because I must not have done a good job on her diaper change. I had to cut her out of her onesie because it was covered in poop at the bottom. She got a bath right away but was very hungry so mommy had to feed her and then finally got to change out of my messy clothes. In the picture I had already cleaned up the mess as much as I could. I talked to daddy right after and he said thank goodness that it hadn't happened to him because he would have gotten sick. I'm sure this is the first of many incidents to come. LOL! Had to document this to embarrass her in the future. Muhahaha!


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