Saturday, September 25, 2010

{ Reegan Goes to Phoenix Children's Hospital :( }

Well this all started September 12th when daddy told mommy that baby was VERY fussy while I left the house for 30 mintues. We decided that we thought it was gassiness due to my diet because she is getting my breastmilk and was most fussy after her feedings.

So I call the North West Clinic for Children {ped} on Tuesday, September 14th and they suggested that I alter my diet, taking dairy and acidic foods out.

We tried this until Friday, September 17th when baby had one of the worst days because she just fussed nonstop. So we took her in to the ped and they came to the conclusion that she likely had acid reflux. They also decided to take a stool and urine sample {via catheter}. Both came back with blood {microscopic} in it. They sent the sample to the lab to find out what was going on with the urine but we started her on an antibiotic for a bladder infection to make sure it didn't get worse over the weekend.

We received a call on Tuesday, September 21st saying that the lab results came back and it was positive for pseudomonas and klebsiella. The ped wanted us to come in and give a second catheter urine sample. They took an additional sample to verify the findings but recommended that we take her to Phoenix Children's Hospital because one of the bacteria can only be administered with IV treatment. So we went home packed our bags up and headed to the hospital for what we thought would be a 48 hour stay. We went into the ER around 6PM that night. It was the hardest thing ever having our baby go through her third catheter, give blood, have an IV put in her arm and the spinal tap was by far the WORST thing ever to have to go through in the ER. It was so difficult to listen to her crying SO hard and not be able to comfort her. For the spinal tap they had to have her in a curled position that made her cry so hard and it was muffled. I couldn't even watch which was good because Ryan later told me that there was a lot of blood. After all her tests she was totally beat and we were finally admitted into a room around midnight. Reegan was put on isolation because of the spinal tap. All the nurses and doctors had to wear masks, gloves and robes because if she had meningitis she could be contagious.

Wednesday and Thursday, September 22 & 23 was a whirlwind of craziness and basically a waiting game to hear from the doctors about what our plan was for our stay. We were told that our 48 hour stay would likely be extended to 10-14 days. Wednesday we found out that Reegan has vesicoureteral reflux which happens when urine from the bladder flows back up towards the kidneys. This is happening because her ureters are a little underdeveloped. On a scale of 1-5 she is a 2 so it's not too bad. What is bad about this is that she will have to be on meds until she is 6 months-1 year old. Also on Thursday we noticed that her IV was leaking. Due to the fact that we were going to be there so long the doctors wanted to do a PICC line. Basically its a tube that was insert at the top of her foot and stopped around her heart. This again was an extremely difficult procedure to sit through. But we thought it would be the best options given that her first IV only lasted one full day and we didn't want to make her going through being continuously stuck should it fall out again over our long stay. The procedure went well and she again was out it...this time due to the meds that she was given to make her relax so that her veins wouldn't constrict during the procedure. We also noticed that her soft spot had started to dip in a little, which can happen because of dehydration. Reegan was taken off of isolation because her preliminary test came back negative. Also Grandpa Wayno, Grandma Kiki, Uncle Sean and Aunt Lindsey were coming in town from Colorado for a visit that had been scheduled for a while. Unfortunately baby was pretty fussy which is TOTALLY understandable! She had been through SO MUCH.

Friday, September 24th daddy had to go back to work which was hard on mommy and baby...but he had no choice. At 3 am we were moved to a different room because a patient on isolation was being admitted to our room. So we moved to a room with another baby and poor guy...we totally woke him up moving all our stuff in. Later that day baby went on an IV drip to get more fluids in her system to make sure that she didn't get too dehydrated. The doctors verified that her urine samples from the ped and ER came back negative for bacteria but she had been on antibiotics for three plus days when the samples were given. So unfortunately we had to assume that she did have an infection and continue with antibiotics. The treatment will take 10-14 days total and the doctors told us that we might be moved to Los Ninos on Monday. Also I started to not feel well Friday morning because of either food poisoning or getting a bug in the hospital so I had to stay away from baby to make sure she didn't get sick. Grandpa Wayno and Grandma Kiki's visit came to an end and we said our goodbyes to them.

Saturday, September 25th mommy went to Urgent Care because I was still not feeling well. I went ALL day without see baby which was the worst EVER! But the highlight of the day was that she got the IV drip out because she was well hydrated and her soft spot went back to normal!

More and more baby is feeling better so the improvement in her health and having a less fussy baby has been worth all the stress we have gone through in the last week. People told us parenthood would be stressful and let me tell you that having our 6 week old baby in the ER has def been one of the most stressful things that we have gone through.

I can't wait to get better and see my baby again soon. Please send us your prayers that Reegan continues to improve and doesn't have to go through anymore of this stuff again.

xo- {Rache}


Justin Summers said...

Love you guys

Deydra said...

Rachel girl I am so sorry to hear this is happening to your baby. But god is good he gave little reegan to smart alert parents. Yall will get thru this trust me I know what its like being in phoenix children for 11 days with my child last year. Very stress full time I will pray for you guys and I am glad she is coming home today. My oldest had a spinal tap at three months old worst sight ever, the images stay in the back of my mind. Continue doing a great job. We will pray for yall in church on Sunday God bless you guys.