Saturday, October 2, 2010

{ Reegan Goes to Los Ninos :( }

Well we finally brought baby back home yesterday which was the BEST EVER! I can't tell you how much you appreciate the simple things like having your family all together at home until you have to deal with being away from each other! We thank all of our amazing family and friends for all the support, well wishes and prayers...but most of all we thank God for watching over our baby and holding her in His arms throughout this whole experience. He truly is great! Below is the rest of Reegan's 10 day journey at the hospital for her bladder infection and reflux.

Sunday, September 26th Reegan and mommy are REUNITED! I was so very happy to get back to my baby after I had gotten some rest and medicine into my system and started feeling better. We found out from Phoenix Children's Hospital that we were being moved to Los Ninos {A 15-bed, family oriented hospital specializing in high quality acute and sub-acute care for infants, children and teens} for the remaining antibiotic IV treatment that Reegan would need until the following Friday. We had to be sure and monitor Reegan very carefully because at PCH they were a little concerned about her soft spot that was now protruding a little and her leg that had the PICC line in it was now irritated and swollen, she wasn't moving it at all due to the loss of blood circulation. They took her temperature because they said if she started to have any issues we would have to turn right around and come back to PCH. She seemed to be doing fine so we were moved to Los Ninos via ambulance that night where we got our very own room with no roommates!!!

Monday & Tuesday, September 27th and 28th were fairly uneventful if you could say that. Reegan continued her IV treatments, range of motion/heat therapy on her leg that was having blood circulation issues from the PICC line and had lots of visitors as usual, they included Grandma Janet, Grandpa David, Auntie Heather, Aunt Debbie, Great Grandma Betty and even Aunt Christy stopped by.

Wednesday September 29th during one of Reegan's IV treatments I noticed that the time of 30 minutes to administer treatment was not correctly set on the machine, instead the nurse had accidently entered in 30 hours. So I hit the call button and had her come in to verify the mistake, I was right and she reset the time. She seemed a little flustered by her mistake and when she went to do the saline solution {before/after the IV treatment the nurses had to inject a saline solution} she injected it too fast and I noticed some fluid leaking because I was holding Reegan in my lap. When she injected the saline solution it busted a fragile part of the PICC line in Reegan's leg. I was obviously very concerned and stressed that this had happened because we were hoping that Reegan wouldn't have to undergo any more procedures and would be able to simply finish up her meds and come home. The nurse verified that there was a leak and said we needed to go to the Treatment Center. Once there we were told which part had broken and that they were able repair it onsite. Although it was a minor procedure it was still hard to hear Reegan struggling and crying as the repair was made. Luckily Auntie Heather was there for support and daddy arrived right after everything was done. They told us that although they were able to fix the part that because of the repair that the PICC line wouldn't be as sturdy as it was when it was originally inserted and we might have to replace it before Friday. They also changed the time of 30 minutes to one hour to administer meds so that the fluids went in slower and caused less pressure on the parts and pieces of the PICC line.

Thursday September 29th Reegan's Auntie Heather was having a surgery to remove her thyroid so we were all antsy and eager for her to get through the surgery and go see her. It was a hard day because I was wishing that I could be in two places at once, with my sister/BF and my daughter. Everything went well and we once again thanked the Lord for watching over our family.

Friday October 1st we had FINALLY arrived at the last day of treatment. The day went by pretty fast with going over details of follow up appointments and treatment that Reegan would need. The staff was kind enough to bump Reegan's final dose up an hour so that we could get home a little earlier. Daddy and Grandma Janet were both on hand to help us pack up and to get home and settled. I was never happier to sit in traffic with my family and eventually to walk through the front door of our home. :D

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