Friday, December 10, 2010

{Ouch! Reegan Gets Her Vaccinations Round - 2 of 3}

Today was visit 2 of 3 for Reegan's Vaccinations luckily we only had the Hep B today. Although as you can see she didn't like it very much. It only took a matter of seconds for her to go from happy to crying to happy again in Great Grandma Betty's arms. It was funny the nurse said that I could stand next to her but quickly saw that I was going to be taking pics so grandma Betty hopped right in to be there for Reegan and she did a great job we didn't even have to give Reegan a bottle before we left the doctor's office. Such a little trooper! She turn 4 months on Sunday so we will going back for her "4 month check up" very soon.

Her weight today was 13 lb 14 oz. :)

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