Tuesday, December 21, 2010

{Reegan Does Denver}

Well we survived our first trip flying with an infant. Ryan, Reegan and I visited Denver December 16th-19th for Aunt Hillary's graduation from Colorado State University.

At the beginning of the trip we arrived to the airport early and decided to try and feed Reegan prior to going through security because she slept most of the way to the airport and didn't eat much. When we finally went through security everything seemed to go smoothly...all our bags and everything got through just fine and per our request they were conducting a vapor test on Reegan's milk since I wouldn't let them run it through the xray/radiation. But of course our stroller fabric test set off an alarm. So EVERYTHING had to be run through again. Reegan had her very first pat down and then she was put in her stroller while mommy and daddy got a pat down too. They funniest part about the whole thing is that the Phoenix Sky Harbor Security lady was totally irked with us....guess we should have known better than to try and bring a stroller to an airport with a 4 month old infant. LOL! ;) Luckily we made it to the gate with a few minutes to spare before boarding started due to the fact that we were able to keep Reegan's milk and I didn't have to pump. On the flight Reegan did great, just a little fussy {she loves to try and fight sleep :/}, our seat neighbor even complimented her on being a good little traveler at the end of the flight. :D

That night Reegan got to have dinner with lots of family that included Grandpa Wayno, Kiki, Uncles Trevor, Landon and Sean as well as Aunts Ashley and Lindsey.

Sleeping for baby the first couple nights weren't the best and I assume that was because of the altitude change and maybe pressure from her plane ride. She was def doing some blood curdling screaming for her food one night...was prob the worst fit we've ever gotten from her BUT AGAIN WE SURVIVED. ;)

Mommy was feeling a little sicky but we were still able to meet Uncle Sean and friends Zack and Roy for lunch which was some yummy BBQ....followed by a trip to the mall and dinner that night with Grandpa Wayno, Kiki and Uncle Landon.

We headed ?up/down? to Fort Collins to watch Aunt Hillary graduate and on the way out picked up Uncle Landon and got a tour of his spa! One thing Reegan has down is napping in the car! Mommy LOVES this! She was a very good little girl during the graduation ceremony, at Woody's {Aunt Hillary's Work} and at dinner that night.

Reegan got to meet her Great Grandfather {Wayne Jr.} for the first time. It was the sweetest thing! He said she was beautiful and gave her a kiss on the cheek. It was a tender moment for this momma to see. I'm so happy that we finally got them to meet each other! ;)


Reegan stayed at home and visited with Kiki, Grandpa Wayno and Aunt Hillary while mommy and daddy had breakfast with Uncle Sean and Aunt Lindsey. After breakfast we were headed back home.

At the airport mommy had the brilliant idea of checking the stroller since it set off alarms on the way to Colorado. We used the Baby Bijorn instead of the stroller. Well Reegan decided to spit up on mommy a good 5-6 times...plan foiled! Reegan won that one! ;) Security ONCE AGAIN hassled use about doing a vapor test on her milk rather than letting them put it through xray/radiation. At the Denver Airport we have to be a little more insisting on not letting them run her milk but they finally listened to us and got a supervisor to approve her milk. I mean I wouldn't have them put my food/drink through that process and turn around and consume it so I'm CERTAINLY NOT going to let them do that to Reegan's milk either! But once through security everything was fine...but I would have to say airport security is just not family/infant friendly. 
At the baggage claim back in Phoenix Reegan got another comment on what a good baby she was and that the passenger didn't even know she was on the plane. ;)

So overall this was an awesome trip and although it was difficult being away from home with Reegan we truly enjoyed ourselves. One thing is for sure is that the Hardings love Reegan to pieces. What a blessed little girl to have so many family members all over this country that have so much love for her.

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