Wednesday, January 5, 2011

{Our Lil Penguin}

So I bought Reegan a sweet little penguin wool hat for the next winter and it actually already fits her. :/ I wanted next years Christmas theme in the Harding house to be that of the penguin {I found some neat black and white plastic ornaments that Reegan can't break & beautiful wrapping paper - and that is the how it all started.}

It got me thinking about our family and how I feel like we are a bunch of little penguins. Haha! I'm weird I know. But seriously penguins are very neat creatures! I've decided that if I had to choose an animal to compare my love and dedication for my little one and husband it would be that of the penguin.

Did you know that some some penguins will mate for life?! Penguin parents usually work together to take care of their little baby penguins until the babies are grown. It's amazing how adult penguins take care of their baby penguins in the extreme cold that some of them live in with such harsh conditions. Like a penguin there isn't anything Ryan and I wouldn't do for our baby! Harsh climates, sleepless nights, our love for her could conquer any obstacle thrown our way! :)

xo - {Rache}

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