Friday, January 28, 2011

{Reegan Does RICE Cereal}

Our baby is taking some major steps in development lately. Mommy doesn't like all these leaps and bounds because she is growing up too fast for me...just kidding kinda! hehe! So we finally started her on rice cereal yesterday and boy was she ready. Once she figured out what a spoon was and that it brings her food she would grab at it and not just bite but CHOMP down that rice cereal. Daddy was the very first to feed her and then mommy gave it a go. I can tell you this...she will be a good eater when spoon fed. ;) Enjoy the pics of Miss Reegan who is getting closer to being a "big girl" everyday. xo - {Rache}

VERY interested in her bib!

She wanted to pull her bib off! Minor detail it's attached to your neck. ;)

***FIRST BITE!*** She's thinking "What...



Daddy doing a good job feeding baby. She loves this stuff!

More rice cereal PLEASE!

She didn't want to share her rice cereal so she was holding tight onto her bowl. ;)

Blowing bubbles in the rice cereal.

That was GOOD!

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