Sunday, February 13, 2011

{Happy Halfway There AKA 6 Months}

I just can't believe Reegan is already 6 months old! It went so fast and I know the next 6 will go just as fast and then I will be the mother of a 1 year old girl! WOW! I have loved every minute {even this weekend with a sick poppa and a teething baby} and I know I will feel the same about the next 6 months and the next 6 months and so on and so on! Thursday we found out she cut her first tooth, Friday was her 6 month check, Saturday she turned 6 months old and had her first taste of baby food...we have recently had some very important milestones.

Stats from 6 month check:
Weight 15.14 - 49th Percentile
Height 27 inches - 90th Percentile
Head Circumference 44.25 - 91st Percentile

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