Thursday, March 10, 2011

{Better Late than Never}

I FINALLY got some CHRISTMAS...that's right CHRISTMAS....thank yous out yesterday. I put on the back of the cards "Our holiday season was great! Sorry our THANKS are late. Hope the picture of the cutie was worth the wait." Haha! I must admit that I'm known for being late among other things...cough cough...messy..cough cough cough! But I figure HEY I'm new at this mommy thing. It's not an excuse it's a fact. I think that people that fret about time and the formalities {like late thank yous} aren't truly enjoying the small things that I take in at every moment possible. I would rather watch my daughter do her new little things like:
  • her snorting/laughing thing that sometimes accompanies her HUGE smile showing off her two bottom teeth
  • how she rubs her chubby little fingers together like she is doing some sign language or something
  • how she now tries to pull herself up by the side of her pack and play
  • how she dives forward on the bed when she sees something she wants {we actually videoed this}
  • how she goes after the bubbles in her sinks baths and tries to drink the water right out of the faucet when we are rinsing her off {Uncle Trevor actually tasted them too and even put some in his eyes to make sure they were actually tear free}
  • how she giggles when we throw her in the air and twirl her around in circles
  • how she will calm down and go to sleep when I sing and hum to her and kiss her on her forehead
  • how she does these things and more everyday and NEW things that will come tomorrow and the day after
So yeah do I have organizing and laundry and cleaning to do YES! Will I ever have things in perfect order NO! They are three reasons for this:
  • I'm only human {no super mom/wonder woman here} with a little one that will always be "uncleaning" my house and I refuse to run after her cleaning a trail behind her...I would rather be down on the floor making a messy trail with her.
  • I want to enjoy every minute of everyday {or at least the few hours we have left together after the busy work days} with Ryan and Reegan so unfortunately housework has gotten pushed down on my list of to do things.
  • And last as I kinda touch on the first two things but more specifically I want to simply watch my daughter grow {like to me spending time with Reegan can be eating dinner and watching tv together but no this isn't enough for me sometimes I want to WATCH her grow.} It truly goes by so fast so I'm am FULLY enjoying EVERY SINGLE SECOND that I can because before I know it she will be going to high school and won't think her mom is very cool anymore...I won't be able to kiss her forehead and sing/hum to her and have her fall asleep in my arms. Things like this won't make her sublimely happy like they do now.
So the inner OCD person that used to be me no longer exists {there is actually traits like this that I have...ask Heather/Ryan about me taking qtips to our shower and a toothbrush to our grout.} The person who had to have everything just so is long gone {papers neatly on my desk, everything in order, etc.} The mommy who wants to be at the park...hang with my daughter...roll around with her on the floor has taken over. Please expect late cards/thank yous, canceled/late appointments, delayed responses, etc etc. I know that the very best most special people in my life couldn't care less because they know that my little everything is well taken care of...they love her NEARLY as much as Ryan and I do and couldn't be happier with how she is being raised. And these very best most special people are blessings to me and I thank the Lord each and everyday for putting you all in my life...I couldn't do this crazy day day without you all! 

xo - {Rache}

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