Friday, April 22, 2011

{Spit Happens}

Well the other day before work Reegan and I were laying around in bed like we normally do. She is always rolling around and having fun. She had just finished her bottle and while rolling around she had bent almost all the way over, almost like she was folded in half, when I heard a gruggling noise. I picked her up and WHOOPS she had spit up on daddy's side of the bed. :/ Then I took a look at her face and not only had she spit up but she had gotten it ALL OVER her face. I started to laugh and then she started laughing which made me laugh even harder. I was in tears over the whole situation. It was hilarious. Only my daughter would be laughing so hard when she just got her own spit up all over her face. LOL!

Enjoy pics of the aftermath. ;)

xo {Rache}

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