Wednesday, June 8, 2011

{Colorado Trip 2}

Reegan's second trip to Colorado last weekend {June 4th} WAS NOT the best experience. Our little angel began the trip with a little fever the night before we left. She had TWO count 'em TWO teeth she was cutting with made her understandably grumpy! She was a DROOL MONSTER, had a lil fever and was the fussiest she has ever been in her life!!!! On our way to Denver we lucked out and she was able to play on an airport playground {genius!!!!} that was right at our gate! She LOVED playing with daddy and watching the other kids. She didn't have as much fun on the plane ride when mommy had to change her diaper in the airplane bathroom....I don't recommend this and will prob NEVER do it again. LOL! Too tight of a space for a tired baby that hates diaper changes to begin with....daddy could hear her screaming all the way from our seats in the middle of the plane. I didn't even put her pants back on when I was done changing her...I just headed back to our seats. Haha! She partied for Uncle Sean's birthday for the first half of the party. The bar at the first stop was a bust because mommy forget her meds, the diaper cream and wipes....seesh what an amateur! Daddy and mommy went on an adventure to get baby everything she needed and did just in time to get back as everyone was ready to leave for the second stop! :/ The next stop was a Whiskey distillery. There baby was feeling better and we played and ate dinner in a room by the production area. Then came the surprise everyone poured {no pun intended ;)} outside to see Uncle Sean pop the question! All the cheering and yelling frightened baby a little but she was all smiles when Aunt Lindsey said Yes! Sunday we went to Lan's house for Tim's graduation party where we visited with lots of family which included Wayne Jr. Reegan's Great Grandfather. We stayed for a short time because we had to get home of a seafood bake that we being hosted by Wayno and Kiki to celebrate the engagement and birthday! We left on Monday and I must admit that our plan ride home was much better than the one on the way out BUT Reegan still was SCREAMING as I tried to get her to sleep and then was out for the rest of the ride. This trip was madness BUT we were still able to have TONS of fun and she got to see lots of her Coli family for the second time! :) 

Here are some pictures and videos from our trip and more are to come!

The car trip on our way to depart from Phoenix! 

Playing at the Sky Harbor Airport playground!

Daddy making she was having lots of fun!!!! :)

At Denver International Airport.

Momma's sleepy little Flapper {dressed up for Uncle's 20's theme birthday party} in the car waiting as daddy went to get meds, wipes and cream for baby! BEST DADDY EVA! :D

At the Whiskey distillery with daddy and Uncle's cane for his costume. LOL!

What FABULOUS Flappers we were!!!!

While daddy stayed out and played mommy brought baby home after stop 2 of the birthday party to get ready for bath and bed! This is Reegan PEEING on the floor right before I put her in the bath....she did this both nights & same spot!!!! SORRY WAYNO and KIKI! :/

On our way home to Phoenix from Denver....notice what a little drool monster she is? Quite the drool spot on the front of her dress! LOL!

EXCITING EVENTS included her Uncle Sean proposing to Aunt Linsdey, Uncle Tim's graduation party for getting his masters and visiting with Wayne Jr. and other family!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!
xo - {Rache}

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Auntia Heather said...

LOVE the airport video! SO cute! Love her bath time pic too! I cannot believe how much she is changing! I have only been gone for like three weeks and I can already see major differences. Make her stop growing! ;)