Monday, September 26, 2011

{DVHS 10 Year Reunion}

Well after tons of last minute planning, phone calls, emails, Facebooking, blogging and meetings we had our 10 year high school reunion! And what a fun weekend of events it turned out to be {Friday @ DVHS, Saturday @ SALT and Sunday @ Rio Vista Park!} It was special to share the experience with my whole family {Ryan + Reegan!} And I truly enjoyed having our lil one there with me at the high school where her mommy and daddy met on Friday morning for the parade and assembly that we attended when went went to school there! That's something that meant a lot to me and hope she LOVES the pics when she is older! 


xo - {Rache}


Cherise said...

Looks like the reunion was a success! I wished I would have gone to the assembly. It was an after thought. whoops!

Auntia Heather said...

So glad everything turned out well! Reegs is so cute in her DVHS gear!