Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{90 is Nifty}

What a WONDERFUL but quick trip to Denver on October 8-9th to celebrate Wayne Jr. turning 90! The party was an aviation theme since Wayne Jr. used to be a pilot! Ryan's cousin Tim was able to wear one of Wayne Jr.'s old uniforms which was very neat. There were lots of jackets, hats and other pieces that other family members were sporting. :) The was a party held at Phil {Uncle} and Kim's new AMAZING house that they are renovating. I planned to take more pictures of the property but a certain lil one year old kept me busy chasing her around/keeping her safe at the under construction house. :) This was Reegan's third time visiting with with Wayne Jr. which I'm so thankful for. It's great that although we are in Arizona that we have made it out pretty often to Colorado for her to visit with her Great Grandfather.

It was awesome to see so many Harding's all in one place. I think the last time most of us were together was for Ryan and my wedding which was 2 years ago. We all visited over some YUMMY BBQ and then turned our attention to a slide show that Nonie {THANK YOU NONIE!!!} prepared that included pictures of Wayne Jr. and all the family members....including lil Ms. Reegan. She even provided CD copies for everyone in the family! So thoughtful!

Not only was it great visiting and celebrating with everyone but I also took this opportunity to get Wayne Jr. to personally sign the family tree in Reegan's baby book. It's great to have each family member {from all 4 families} sign their own name rather than Ryan or I filling it all out. Warms my heart to know that she has a special little piece of each of them {even if it is just a little signature} for the rest of her life!

Enjoy the pictures of the TONS of Harding's!!!!

xo {Rache}
Our family {Us three & an 17 week old Fletcher} with Wayne Jr.

Girls look this way...boys the other way. LOL!

The Harding's with Wayne Jr.'s Caretaker

The WHOLE FAMILY {expect cousin Greg /Kathleen- expecting baby} & Dewsey who was sick

Reegan keeping dad and mommy on our toes at this house under renovation!

Reegan with her older cousin Keegan :)

Daddy can multitask!
Some of the family wearing aviation gear!
Reegan giving Wayne Jr. kisses!
Welcome home fly boy!
Tim in Wayne Jr.'s uniform!
She LOVES her Great Grandfather!
Some of the family wearing aviation gear!
Reegan hanging with the fam!
Prayer by Wayne Jr.
Reegan gives her shy cousin Olivia a hug!
Some of the family wearing aviation gear!
More aviation gear!
Wayne Jr. signing Reegan's baby book!
Walking Wayne Jr. out...he broke his rehab curfew for the party! LOL!
Goofy Grandpa Wayno!
Daddy in one of the aviation hats!

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