Thursday, October 20, 2011

{Halfway There!}

Face - left eye and nose in the center and his mouth is covered by his hand

A lumpy lil face only a mother could love. ;)

Right side profile

Right side profile

Family jewels


Right side profile
And why is this post SO important your wondering?! Well it over course marks being halfway there to seeing our new baby boy!....AND it was the very same post that started this blog when I was pregnant with Reegan. See the link below:

We had an ultrasound yesterday and were able to see our lil guy moving/kicking all around, holding his chin and doing some sucking with his mouth. We OF COURSE verified that he is a little BOY & his lil G (genitalia) unit is still there so he remains a boy! ;) He weights about 12 ounces...the size of a Coke can the tech said. And is currently in the breech position but everything else is completely normal. No placenta previa this time around. 

I'm SO AMAZED at how fast pregnancy goes by with a second baby. Reegan keeps us soooo busy that I can hardly even believe that I'm already halfway done! I'm thrilled that right after this holiday season is over plus a month or so we will be welcoming our fourth family member! It's so gonna be on...with girls versus boys in the Harding house. Haha! But as always we are feeling truly blessed that we are having a second baby. The joy that Reegan has brought to our lives is unmeasurable so adding Fletcher into the mix will just be amazing! We are so thankful for all the added reasons in life to smile, laugh, hug and say I Love You to each other! It is by far the most precious, beautiful experience in the world to be a mommy and daddy! Anyway enjoy the ultrasound pictures above from yesterday.

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