Thursday, October 13, 2011

{Photo Challenge - Week 5}

{Week 5 -  High Angle Photo}

What do zig zags/chevrons mean to me? A LOT! This is the pattern that will cover the room for my second baby/love in my life! I have selected this classic pattern as crib bedding and it will be seen throughout Fletcher's nursery. I love when something in my daily routine that goes unnoticed by others makes me think of loved ones. For this week the challenge was high angles and the shadows taken at this high angle photo are in a zig zag/chevron pattern {sort of} that reminds me of the lil guy growing as we "speak!" I love it lots & have related it to him so much already that I even thought to nickname him Ziggy. Haha!

See Jen's photo of her cuties HERE

And our new participate Kim's photo of her fam HERE!

Group comparison HERE!


xo - {Rache}

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