Saturday, October 8, 2011

{Pickled Beets}

The other day my grandma Betty told me a very sweet story I wanted to share. She was telling me how she and my grandpa Doyal used to love to eat pickled beets together. If you're like me that has ZERO appeal...due to my picky eater nature. Well grandma said that she had not had any pickled beets since my grandfather passed away. She decided that it's was about time to enjoy this favorite treat that they used to share. So my grandma brought them over to enjoy on a day she was watching Reegan. And as you might guess Reegan was highly interested in this new type of food that was brought into the house. As my grandma enjoyed her treat Reegan came over and was wanting grandma to share, which if course she did and sure enough Reegan loved them!!!! It's the small things like this that I really love to hear about. Something my grandma shared with her husband she can now share with her great-granddaughter. And that is what family is all about sharing the things you love with the ones you love. So next time you go to enjoy some pickled beets (ughhhhh) you can think of this sweet lil story! :)

xo {Rache}

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