Sunday, October 16, 2011

{Pumpkin Patch Fun}

It was a great day to go to the pumpkin patch with friends yesterday {October 15th}!!!! Beautiful weather and lots of fun things to do at Mortimer's Family Farm in Dewy, AZ. Reegan enjoyed seeing farm animals, ate some snow cone/kettle corn and picked out some baby pumpkins that she literally took a bite of! LOL! It was our first official family trip to a pumpkin patch since last year we were new first time parents and didn't have time/effort to make this happen. I think Reegan enjoyed it way more this year than she would have last year!

I was so excited for the day that I baked treats, made headbands for the girls and lil pictures books for the babies....goodie bags for all the lil ones {Quinn, Quaid & Amelia.} We had fun with the Sullivan family, the Flecky family and Auntie Bri and Kyara {her lil sis.} We were blessed to have Jessica Flecky take some awesome shots of our "phunky" pumpkin patch diva!!!


xo - {Rache}
Pumpkin Patch Diva
Looking so sweet!
LOVE those baby blues!
Us girls
Our FAMILY pumpkins
She actually was interested in the animals. LOL!
Daddy loving his baby girl!

She hitches rides wherever she goes. ;)
Enjoying the view of the pumpkins!
Just chillin while we find the perfect pumpkins!
She had lots of fun that day!

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