Monday, October 10, 2011

{Reegan & Fletcher like to Fly}

So as most of you know we went to Colorado to celebrate Ryan's great-grandfather's {Wayne Jr.} 90th birthday! I'm sharing some deatils SPECIFICALLY about out plane rides there and back. Reegan so LOVED to play once again on the airport playground...the designer of that thing is GENIUS! And she did amazing on the ride there...she slept the whole way since the flight was right at her nap time. It was fun because I felt Fletcher kicking {although I would say I FIRST felt him kick at 17 weeks} during the flight. Not sure if it was because big sister was napping on top of him in mommy's arms or if he just REALLY liked the plan ride. :)

We were very concerned about the flight home to AZ because it was NO WHERE NEAR her nap time and we thought we would have a lil caged, angry animal on our hands. SURPRISINGLY she did AWESOME! She was nice and social with our ASU {YUCK} neighbor...more warm to her than she had been with family members that we had just visited...OOPS! I also got some AMAZING pictures of the beautiful skies on the ride home. In all my years of flying I had never seen clouds like this....or maybe I just wasn't looking hard enough/appreciating the sites.

Overall a great travel experience being preggers and having a 14 month old travel buddy!

xo {Rache}
Checking out the scene!
Saying WEEEEEEEEEE down the slide!
So much fun!
DIVA # 2...she kept trying to crowd Reegan & take her paci/bottle {Saying MINE.} LOL!
Wrong way....
Thumbs up for sleeping baby on a plane!!!
She has people take care of getting her luggage. ;)
AMAZING sea of clouds!!!

Opening to snow capped mountains that look like clouds!
Playing with airplane cups and not her toys...OF COURSE! ;)

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