Thursday, October 6, 2011

{Reegan Goes to the Urologist 1 Year Later - Final Diagnosis}

Well yesterday (October 5th) was the day to find out how things were going with Reegan's Vesicoureteral Reflux condition and her ureter tube development.

We started off the day very nervous for her VCUG procedure (description below.)

A children's (pediatric) voiding cystourethrogram (VCUG) is an x-ray examination of a child's bladder and lower urinary tract that uses a special form of x-ray called fluoroscopy and a contrast material.
An x-ray (radiograph) is a noninvasive medical test that helps physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions. Imaging with x-rays involves exposing a part of the body to a small dose of ionizing radiation to produce pictures of the inside of the body. X-rays are the oldest and most frequently used form of medical imaging.

Fluoroscopy makes it possible to see internal organs in motion. When the bladder is filled with and then emptied of a water-soluble contrast material, the radiologist is able to view and assess the anatomy and function of the bladder and lower urinary tract.

We arrived at Phoenix Children's Hospital at 8am. Come to find out, daddy forgot to mention this before, I couldn't be in the room during this process because they actually had to use an xray and since I'm pregnant it's not safe for Fletcher. I wasn't thrilled about not knowing how Reegan was doing and not being there to comfort her but it was probably best because I was really emotional about it all {thanks to my crazy pregnancy hormones.} Prior to the catheter they put some numbing gel so it wouldn't be as painful for her and she also got some sugar water which acts as a pain killer for young children. I was so thankful that the nurses were kind enough to let me stay while they did her catheter and I only had to go to the waiting room after that while they xrayed her urinary system. I honestly don't know what was worse...being in the waiting room like I was and hearing her cry from out there OR if I would have been in there with her while she was going through the process. I was VERY anxious between hearing her, not knowing how it was going and seeing the fear in other patients as they went was pretty overwhelming but right around that time the nurse came out to bring me back in again. They said she did great! Of course she had been crying and just wanted to be held. Daddy told me what the doctor had said that Reegan's left tube still has the reflux issue but she is now from a stage 2 to stage 1 out of 5. This meant that she wouldn't require surgery which was the best news ever! But we didn't know what else that meant and would have to wait for additional details from her urologist at her second appointment.

We decided it was time to get out of the hospital environment and take Reegan to get a ba"nana" and go to a park. So get went to The Biltmore Shopping Center where they have a nice grass area for her to play in. It was great to see her in good spirits after what she had just gone through. It's amazing how children can be so resilient at times. We had so much fun playing but it was time for lunch and we were also hoping Reegan would take a nap to get some much needed rest.

We stopped quickly by daddy's office to say hello before heading to grab a sammy. Reegan fell asleep in the Jeep and we let her sleep right up until her second appointment.

At noon it was time to head to her urologist which is right next to PCH. We had an incident in the waiting room where a game got dropped on her foot! Poor thing...she was battered and bruised by the end of the whole process. But we got her calmed down and then they called us back into the ultrasound room. She cried hard and was screaming during the ultrasound because she was OVER being held down by people to be poked and prodded. They quickly looked at her kidneys then we waited to meet with the doctor. 

It was GREAT NEWS when we finally got to speak with her urologist. The outcome was that she is down to a stage 1 of 5 for the Vesicoureteral Reflux. She said at that low grade that they don't put children on antibiotics so that we could now take Reegan off her daily meds. She said we might do a few more days since she had a catheter but that she should be fine. So surgery was definitely now out for Reegan and now no more meds either! We were ecstatic! We don't even have to do a follow up with this process again because she said that at this rate/level 95% of kids will heal with time/development. 

One thing that was interesting was that she said since this is hereditary (which we didn't know because neither of us have had these type of issues in our past) that 1 in 3 siblings will have the same problem. GREAT! :/ BUT she did mention that if Reegan was a boy that we could have likely not had to do any of this because the urethra would have been longer and likely there wouldn't have been an infection when she was around 6 weeks old. She said either we can opt to have a voluntary VCUG on future kiddos or wait until we see the signs/symptoms that Reegan had (sudden fever, inconsolable, fits of shrill crying when nothing was wrong, etc.) It can also be seen in cousins!!!!! So we will be spreading the word to our siblings. 

OVERALL it was a tough, trying day but I could have asked for a better outcome. Words can't say how thankful we are for all the kind words, prayers, emails, texts, etc that we received in support of Reegan. It's so nice to know that you have people that love/care about you and will most definitely be there for you in difficult times of need. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to you all. We are hoping that this is a chapter that is closed in Reegan life and just something she can read about when she is older. See the pics below from our day at PCH...sorry they are out of order. :/

xo {Rache}

Reegan's tag they check every step of the way at PCH.
After getting her ultrasound she was OVER IT all!
Reading Wayside Stories & The Poky Lil Puppy
Waiting room before Appointment 1
Waiting room with daddy before Appointment 1
Waiting room before Appointment 2
With daddy in the xray room after the VCUG procedure (Appt 1)
Playing at Biltmore Park between appointments!
They rolled out the red carpet for her at PCH! :)
With mommy and daddy in the VCUG room  RIGHT before she got a catheter.  What a cute lil gown they had just for her.

Appt 2 getting her ultrasound done so the urologist could she her kidneys
Playing at Biltmore Park between appointments!
Eating her ba"nana" after her first was YUMMY!
Tugging at her ankle tag at Appt 1 before the procedure
Having fun before she cried her eyes out during the ultrasound at Appt 2
Waiting room before Appointment 1
Playing at Biltmore Park between appointments!
Waiting room before Appointment 2
With mommy right before the catheter & I went to the waiting room
Waiting room before Appointment 1
Arriving at the Phoenix Children's Hospital first thing in the morning.
Napping between Appointment 1 & 2
Mommy axnious in the waiting room while Reegan gets her VCUG
After her VCUG (Appt 1) she was happy but you can see that she had been crying.
Smiling in the waiting room before Appointment 2
NOT HAPPY about having an ultrasound done. :(

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