Monday, October 3, 2011

{Reegan ROCKS}

And she LOVES rocks too! At this point I think our daughter will be a divalicious geologist! Haha! I snapped a few pics of Reegan doing what she does best...being outside and getting into stuff! She ABSOLUTELY LOVES to be outside. Everytime she sees her shoes she says "SHOES!" and waves and says "BYE BYE!" which means it's time to get on my shoes and go play outside! She likes to go to our lil tot lot or even on our side patio and investigate. Also I must admit that part of the reason for the pics is that I was DYING over the new vintagish Seasame Street tee I got for her....she actually has never even watched it but she really isn't into videos are her thing. ;)

Other words Reegan loves to say:
Bye Bye
Nana = Banana
Nummies/Num Num = Yummy Foods
Baba = Bottle with Milk

She know her head, ears, eyes, nose {which she sticks her finger in every time we ask where it is :/} and toes. It's amazing how much she has developed and how much more she will be learning very soon! I'm trying to teach her 1-3 right now. Every time I change her diaper I say one foot, two foot and up is three! :) Overall a very happy little girl as you can see. We truly are blessed to have her in our life!!!

xo {Rache}

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