Tuesday, November 29, 2011

{Reegan's 15 Month Check @ Northwestern Clinic for Children}

So today Reegan had her 15 month check. Her stats are weight 22 lbs, height 32.25 inches and head circumference 48.25 inches {as seen below!} She was already crying when they were taking her measurements. LOL! So you can imagine her reaction to the shots. :/ Mommy got LOTS of hugs that's for sure and she kept saying "UP!" as she does now when she needs to be held. ;)

Overall she did great. She was "reading" books while the Dr. Karen Kennedy and I chatted...and the doctor said that was geart because reading will help develop her words and ability to communicate easier. The doctor said that at her age she should be do about five words and she quickly followed that Reegan clearly exceeds the average. She gave Reegan a tongue suppressor which she LOVED! Haha! Only thing is we DEF have to get this lil lady off her bottle and binky. Turns out that they have to be off by 18 months and she also is advanced in getting her teeth in per the doctor so it's even more important that we get her off those so that they don't mess up her teeth...especially since momma had to get braces. :/

Enjoy the pics of Reegan playing dress up in momma's accessories, running around, chewing on the tongue suppressor, shedding some tears and giving momma hugs...what a trip to the pediatrician. ;)

xo - {Rache}   


{An R & R Thanksgiving}

REST AND RELAXATION that is...not Ryan and Rachel. While Ryan and Reegan made it out to visit family I had to stay home and be a good momma/preggers and get some rest and relaxation for myself and Fletcher.

I did take a quick break to the tot lot by our house to snap some pictures of Reegan in her fall outfit and Thanksgiving theme headband I made for her. I just LOVE her in these little stockings!

Luckily, the Broman family stopped by later in the day so I did get to have that feeling of gathering with some awesome people in our lives and over-eating in a major way! Haha!

Last year's Thanksgiving post can be seen HERE! And as you have been reading mommy has been doing a thankful post "daily" this November but last year daddy did a thankful post that can be read HERE!

xo - {Rache}

{Be Thankful 26}

{Day 26 - My Family}

I'm thankful for a pretty amazing group of people that I call family both blood and extended. I can't even begin to tell you how blessed I am to have the love, support, understanding, strength, etc. etc. etc. that I relieve from them all. It's truly awesome to have people in your life that would do anything for you and I most definitely have this. To know that these people know everything about you and love you unconditionally no matter what is one of the biggest comforts in life. Where would I be without my family!? You can tell that Ryan and I both come from excellent homes/families/backgrounds in the way we treat each other and our kiddo(s). I hope Reegan feels that love that I do and always have as she grows older....which is happening WAYYYYYYY too fast! :/

Enjoy all the wedding pics! It's the largest family gathering for us so I thought I would just keep it all wedding themed! :)
xo - {Rache}

Monday, November 28, 2011

{Be Thankful 25}

{Day 35 - Days Out and About}

My how time flies when your being sick...errr having fun! Well I've been sick for over a week and it's really messing with my blogging! LOL! My motto is ALWAYS better late than never so I'm still going to be working on these Be Thankful posts because it truly is the core of what the holidays are about for me and my family.

This past weekend during one of the four days off my lil family decided to get out of the house since we/I had been trying to lay low and rest up! ;) We decide that the park would be a fun escape from our home. I think that the days that are the most fun are ones spent together that don't cost a thing! Well after the park we headed to the Foothills library were I rummaged through the children's books for sale bin. I LOVE looking for the old vintage books that just have that special something that the newer ones don't. I found a book called "A Penny and a Periwinkle" by Josephine Aldridge that cost me a dollar so the day wasn't entirely free but what a great message this book has! It's a story about a resourceful fisherman named Sy that doesn't have much but really has great outlook on life and stretches what little he does have. Check this book out sometime or borrow it from me! ;) I'm so excited one day to read these stories to Reegan and pass on all these wonderful messages to her!

Be Thankful for what you do have! Keep that drive and positive outlook just like Sy did!

xo - {Rache}

Thursday, November 24, 2011

{Be Thankful 24}

{Day 24 - Health}

Well this has to be the first holiday I have EVER missed the family get togethers. Upon waking up and feeling awful I decided to be a good momma and take care of Fletcher {and therefore myself} and miss out on the yummy food and family time that are what Thanksgiving is all about. :(

Although I'm feeling yucky right now this shall pass and I'm so thankful for my health and that missing out on these types of events is a rarity in my life. I'm thankful for an understanding family that want me to stay home and rest and most of all a partner that has vowed to support me in sickness and health! ;) My loves {Ryan and Reegan } ran out and got me a Starbucks hot green tea this morning and later he went out again to get me cough drops! I truly have been blessed with a partner that goes above and beyond every time! So thankful today and everyday!

Be thankful for your health! It's one of the two more important things in life {health & happiness.}

Happy Thanksgiving and God's Blessings this holiday season to you and yours!

xo - {Rache} 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

{Photo Challenge - Week 11} & {Be Thankful 23}

{Week 11 - Something Blue} & {Day 23 - Grandparents}

Sure everyone one is thankful for their grandparents! I mean A. We wouldn't be here without them and B. They usually they spoil their grandchildren excessively so what's not to love?!

My relationship with my grandparents is a lot closer than the average. My sister and I grew up under my grandfather {Doyal} and grandmother's {Betty} roof. We learned so many lessons from them and will pass on these family values to our children.

Some of you know that my grandfather passed away several years ago and I wish so many times that he was still here with us but I'm so thankful for the memories I have of him. He was like a father to me! I remember how he would always drive us to school and pick us up everyday {when we were younger we wanted to walk to school and he would follow us to make sure we got there safely}, I remember eating ice cream sandwiches in the backyard while looking at stars on their swinging bench....but most of all I remember spending his last day with him watching old western movies and laughing/joking...it was a perfect day!!!! I'm so thankful that I had such a strong, amazing grandfather that was involved in raising me and made me who I am today.

My grandmother is without a doubt a gift to our family! I don't know how we would manage without her! She watches Reegan most days of the week and man does she LOVE her greatgrand daughter to pieces! I couldn't be happier that Reegan will have the same special relationship with her that my sister and I did.

She is an absolute tower of strength and would do anything for her family. I remember when I was younger if I could sleep I would go to her and I would watch Nick at Night oldies until I could sleep, she would always make a big yummy breakfast in the morning and make sure we took our vitamins but most of all I will cherish seeing her every week with my daughter singing, making her a yummy breakfast and loving her to death! Her supporting words, encouragement and guidance with my first child have been the best gift of all!!!! The word thankful can't possibly define our gratitude for her!

I was making a Thanksiving craft of Reegans hand prints and ran across this picture of my grandparents! It's also my something blue picture....of a picture of my grandma's fab vintage dress!

Be thankful for your ancestors and your special relationship with them!

xo - {Rache}

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

{Be Thankful 17 to 22}

{Days 17 to 22 - Extended Family AKA Friends}

WOW! It's been a CRAZY several days! I haven't been feeling the best as you can tell from my lack of posts on the blog. Well I was thinking how to approach this blogger dilemma and catch up on my posts. Then thinking of the people that I considered my extended family the problem solved itself! Six missed days go to six of the most wonderful families that we love spending our time with! Those families are the Broman's, Frazier and family, McNamee's/Sims, Riemer's, Streets and Sullivan's {in alpha order.} We have so many friends but these are the friends that we look to first in times of need and just to have fun with! A quick bit about each family is below.

We know Brett and Courtney because Ryan and Brett work together. We find ourselves spending tons of time with them as well as Brett's sister Kalleen's family. Such an awesome group of people. We have so much in common from game nights/dinners to game watching and yard sales...we have so much fun with them at every get together! We are so looking forward to making more memories with them on Thanksgiving when they will be coming over with green bean casserole, mac and cheese and an Oreo dessert...YUM!

Brianne is one in a million...such a special friend to me! She is like a sister to me {our triplet.} ;) Brianne went to highschool with Ryan and I. She was one of my bridesmaids and someone I know will ALWAYS be in my life. There are so many memories we have made together but the things that stand out most are just when we get together and start gabbing and OF COURSE when her competitive side has come out at our beer pong tournaments! LOL! It's always a guaranteed fun time with my girl Bri!

My Friday {and every other day} loves! What would I do without these girls?! Well we know each other because Meg's husband Greg and Ryan were frat brothers and Jessica is Meg's sister. We have made a little tradition of doing lunch together on Fridays since we work in the same area to catch up and stay in touch. Not only are these ladies amazing friends but even better aunties to Reegan. They are forever asking about the lil diva and doing such thoughtful things for her. Reegan was a flower girl in Jessica's wedding and we were so honored to be a part of such a special day. They do a fab job of making our plus a lil one family welcome to all their gatherings...something only our true friends do! :)

Our play date buddies are just a hop, skip and jump from our place! We have the BEST time every time with them!!!! Kristi, Ryan and I went to highschool together and she was my honorary bridesmaid as we didn't know if she would be at the wedding or delivering her first baby Grant. She is my go to girl for an honest answer on anything from designs to anything really! LOL! With kids around the same age and hubbies with tons in common it's easy to see why this family is one of the ones we are closest to!

Well as with some of the other families in this post we go way back with Dallas! He is one of Ryan's best friends from high school. More recently Dallas's wife Jen and I have become VERY close! We just have a ball with them at each and every time whether it's going over to their place for a dance party or attending holiday celebrations together. They like to have a fun time and I often find myself wanting to add some of their games and traditions to our own family. What wonderful parents and great friends they each have become to both Ryan and I! I can't wait to make lots more special memories with them!

Our crazy, chill family favs! We have so much fun cruzin over to Quinn and Lindsay's place to just chill and get our crazy kids together. From cabin trips, fight nights and kiddos kickin in their play room it's all great time. I love Lindsay's approach to parenting and her relaxed attitude is a breath of fresh air for this busy bee momma. Lindsay was also another bridesmaid that I went to high school with...and a forever friend! I love her and the whole family to pieces!!!!

Every one of these families mean so much more to us than the word friend could express! I consider them extended family and am so thankful that we are surrounded with such awesome individuals...with relationships that will stand the test of time. :D

Be thankful for those special "extended family members" in your life!

xo - {Rache}

Thursday, November 17, 2011

{OB Update - Fletcher}

Last Thursday the whole family went to go to mommy's OB appointment to listen to Fletcher's heartbeat. Everything was great! Dr. Apigo suggested that mommy take more calcium and vitamin D. Reegan had fun with all the toys in the new office and it was daddy's first time there! :)

xo - {Rache}

{Post Worthy Pics}

More pics that are just TOO CUTE not to post up on the blog!


xo - {Rache}

Watching a UofA basketball game with daddy
In her funky Friday outfit
Starting to actually like her tent from the Hinksons
Eating a "coogie" in her left hand and playing with her toys
Morning kisses...still have our bedhead!
My lil funky chick
Getting mail with momma
Fletcher's teeny sock!!! <3 this!
Ready for a "coogie" and her bah bah at 5AM!
My lil mail carrier!
All bundled up as the Fall weather sets in
Being silly
In the drivers seat!...what's new!? ;)
Lollipops make everything better!
See ya later dada!