Wednesday, November 16, 2011

{Be Thankful 16}

{Day 16 - Jessica of Flecky Fotography}

Well I said I was starting with the small and working my way up! So now that we are more than halfway done with the thankful posts I wanted to started getting to the important things/people/etc. This post was supposed to be about the Streets since we had a fun pizza party on the fly last night but I already copied Jen with the photo challenge post and didn't want to do the same with my thankful post so she will just have to wait until tomorrow. Haha! So just this last weekend we had our holiday family photo session with Jessica of Flecky Fotography. And ONCE AGAIN she has done really outdone herself! I love all the pictures SO MUCH! The second image of Ryan and Reegan HAS to be my fav! I was teary eyed when I saw this one! It's all because of that face of Reegan's....this expression is one seen when you get a TRUE smile from her. I think I was singing a little song to her that I have been singing since she was a baby and got this reaction. I'm trying to keep my pictures under lock and key until my holiday card comes out so there will be a lil surprise!!! So hard for me not to share them all immediately!

But back to Jess. Not only is her talent something that truly captures the love and happiness of our family but she is just a genuinely amazing person. Her and I have become friends and continue to grow closer with each passing event in our lives that gives us an excuse to get together! THANK YOU {a BIG thank you} for everything you do for the Hardings! We appreciate you always and love that lil piggy of yours too! Haha!

Be thankful for those talented friends in your life!

xo - {Rache}

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