Tuesday, November 22, 2011

{Be Thankful 17 to 22}

{Days 17 to 22 - Extended Family AKA Friends}

WOW! It's been a CRAZY several days! I haven't been feeling the best as you can tell from my lack of posts on the blog. Well I was thinking how to approach this blogger dilemma and catch up on my posts. Then thinking of the people that I considered my extended family the problem solved itself! Six missed days go to six of the most wonderful families that we love spending our time with! Those families are the Broman's, Frazier and family, McNamee's/Sims, Riemer's, Streets and Sullivan's {in alpha order.} We have so many friends but these are the friends that we look to first in times of need and just to have fun with! A quick bit about each family is below.

We know Brett and Courtney because Ryan and Brett work together. We find ourselves spending tons of time with them as well as Brett's sister Kalleen's family. Such an awesome group of people. We have so much in common from game nights/dinners to game watching and yard sales...we have so much fun with them at every get together! We are so looking forward to making more memories with them on Thanksgiving when they will be coming over with green bean casserole, mac and cheese and an Oreo dessert...YUM!

Brianne is one in a million...such a special friend to me! She is like a sister to me {our triplet.} ;) Brianne went to highschool with Ryan and I. She was one of my bridesmaids and someone I know will ALWAYS be in my life. There are so many memories we have made together but the things that stand out most are just when we get together and start gabbing and OF COURSE when her competitive side has come out at our beer pong tournaments! LOL! It's always a guaranteed fun time with my girl Bri!

My Friday {and every other day} loves! What would I do without these girls?! Well we know each other because Meg's husband Greg and Ryan were frat brothers and Jessica is Meg's sister. We have made a little tradition of doing lunch together on Fridays since we work in the same area to catch up and stay in touch. Not only are these ladies amazing friends but even better aunties to Reegan. They are forever asking about the lil diva and doing such thoughtful things for her. Reegan was a flower girl in Jessica's wedding and we were so honored to be a part of such a special day. They do a fab job of making our plus a lil one family welcome to all their gatherings...something only our true friends do! :)

Our play date buddies are just a hop, skip and jump from our place! We have the BEST time every time with them!!!! Kristi, Ryan and I went to highschool together and she was my honorary bridesmaid as we didn't know if she would be at the wedding or delivering her first baby Grant. She is my go to girl for an honest answer on anything from designs to anything really! LOL! With kids around the same age and hubbies with tons in common it's easy to see why this family is one of the ones we are closest to!

Well as with some of the other families in this post we go way back with Dallas! He is one of Ryan's best friends from high school. More recently Dallas's wife Jen and I have become VERY close! We just have a ball with them at each and every time whether it's going over to their place for a dance party or attending holiday celebrations together. They like to have a fun time and I often find myself wanting to add some of their games and traditions to our own family. What wonderful parents and great friends they each have become to both Ryan and I! I can't wait to make lots more special memories with them!

Our crazy, chill family favs! We have so much fun cruzin over to Quinn and Lindsay's place to just chill and get our crazy kids together. From cabin trips, fight nights and kiddos kickin in their play room it's all great time. I love Lindsay's approach to parenting and her relaxed attitude is a breath of fresh air for this busy bee momma. Lindsay was also another bridesmaid that I went to high school with...and a forever friend! I love her and the whole family to pieces!!!!

Every one of these families mean so much more to us than the word friend could express! I consider them extended family and am so thankful that we are surrounded with such awesome individuals...with relationships that will stand the test of time. :D

Be thankful for those special "extended family members" in your life!

xo - {Rache}

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