Thursday, November 24, 2011

{Be Thankful 24}

{Day 24 - Health}

Well this has to be the first holiday I have EVER missed the family get togethers. Upon waking up and feeling awful I decided to be a good momma and take care of Fletcher {and therefore myself} and miss out on the yummy food and family time that are what Thanksgiving is all about. :(

Although I'm feeling yucky right now this shall pass and I'm so thankful for my health and that missing out on these types of events is a rarity in my life. I'm thankful for an understanding family that want me to stay home and rest and most of all a partner that has vowed to support me in sickness and health! ;) My loves {Ryan and Reegan } ran out and got me a Starbucks hot green tea this morning and later he went out again to get me cough drops! I truly have been blessed with a partner that goes above and beyond every time! So thankful today and everyday!

Be thankful for your health! It's one of the two more important things in life {health & happiness.}

Happy Thanksgiving and God's Blessings this holiday season to you and yours!

xo - {Rache} 

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