Saturday, November 5, 2011

{Be Thankful 5}

{Day 5 - Chocolate}

I can't get enough chocolate with this pregnancy....which is funny because with Reegan it was raspberries. For Halloween we got Smarties {love} and Tootsie Rolls {yuck} and had no trick or treaters!!!!! :/ So we of course took the majority to work but sampled the rest. ;) To my surprise I was LOVING the Tootsie Rolls and Smarties not so much! It just goes to show each pregnancy truly is different!!!!

Tonight I was lucky enough to have hubz suggest a Dairy Queen run at halftime for the UofA game! I ordered an Extreme Chocolate Flurry of course which was delish! I enjoyed every last bit of it!

I always think of stories that my grandmother would tell me about when she was younger. Even stories about treats that they got. She told me once that as a stocking stuffers for Christmas she got an apple and an orange. To think of giving a child a piece of fruit in their stocking these days...prob would be a little disappointing to them in comparison to what their friends might get. It makes me thankful for all the things that we are able to enjoy these days that previous generations could not.

Be thankful for all the small things in life we are blessed with these days....even treats like chocolate that we can enjoy we have a craving! ;)

xo - {Rache}

It clearly says TREAT YOURSELF! I had to listen! ;)

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