Tuesday, November 8, 2011

{Be Thankful 7}

{Day 7 - Assistance}

It's tough being a parent. This title comes with SO MANY rewards but a whole lot of sacrifice too. I'm am SO BLESSED that I have so much support from my family and friends. I often think of those mothers or fathers that DO IT ALL on their whole...how do they cope?!

I get help from my grandmother who comes over every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to watch Reegan. From my friend Rachel who watches her every Tuesday and Thursday. And from my mother-in-law who picks her up from Rachel's on Tuesday's and often watches her on the weekends. My sister used to help out SO MUCH when she lived in state but she continues to aid us from afar with good shoes, clothes and more for Reegan. All the rest of my family like my dad will pitch in when we need a sitter or anything really. Often my family is bringing over diapers, wipes, clothes, toys, food, milk for Reegan just because! 

Most of all I am SO BLESSED with never ending assistance from the best father/husband I know. He doesn't skimp out on any of the dirty work. He is playing with Reegan the moment he walks in the door from work, bathes her almost every night, packs her lunches in the morning, drops her to daycare, along with so many other things and of course just like everyone else LOVES her more than words could explain. Even this morning when I couldn't find my car keys because I'm sure Reegan hid them he offered to turn around to come home and help look for them...I had searched everywhere and finally check the bottom of the toy box to find a key there. But he had sent me a text and was thoughtful enough to offer assistance for even something pretty small like helping me find my car key. 

I'm beyond thankful for each and everything last thing that all the people mentioned and those who were not do for me and Reegan in the adventure of parenthood/raising my daughter.

Be Thankful for all the things that people do for you in life...BIG or small.

xo - {Rache}
Playing with the bubble toy before bath time that Grandma Betty got for her

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