Tuesday, November 1, 2011

{Halloween Havoc - Nerds at Arabian Library}

So this Halloween we did it ALL! Starting with the Pumpkin Patch and ending with Trick or Treating on Halloween night! 

The first event close to Halloween that we {Momma & Reegan} attended was the Halloween Family Night at the Arabian Library in Scottsdale on Thursday, October 27th. Reegan LOVES books so I was excited to take her to an event where she could read books while getting candy! They had several stops for the kids beginning out front where she got a pumpkin stamp on her hand. She wasn't very happy about having a stranger grabbing at her hand. LOL! Next we moved along and got a glow in the dark ghost cup, followed by a lil bendy rubber monster toy and lots of candy including Nerds which I thought was appropriate being at a library. ;) There was a little path leading us with little paper ghosts. She wanted to stop and pick each one up along the way....maybe she should have been Gretel for Halloween. Haha! Finally we had to take time out to read a few books including Bear Feels Scared by Karma Wilson and play at some of the activity areas. She got a few compliments on what a cutie she was and her costume too...one mom even tried to get the same outfit but Old Navy was sold out! Hehe! On the way home momma let Reegan have a tiny box of Nerds that she LOVED and kept going uhhhhhh to request more candy. ;) It was a perfect night!

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xo - {Rache}

Looking at the Halloween Book Display

Trying to pick up all the lil paper ghosts

So sweet and innocent huh!? ;)

Time to READ!

Opening the book at the spine LOL!

With a little help from mommy....SUCCESS!!!!

Awh!!!!! wanting to give mommy a hug...I had her binkie. ;)

OK I'm done now!

Activity area with her lil ghost cup...she kept saying cup, cup, cup...

Going bye bye...wait for me MOM!

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