Friday, November 4, 2011

{Halloween Havoc - Pumpkin Carving}

She's our lil' Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater! We discovered this at the pumpkin patch and she stayed true to her produce eating ways during the carving of our family creations. It was entertaining to say the least to see Reegan munching on the pumpkin fillings. She was a total mess but it made for some GREAT pics! Daddy worked hard on cleaning all the pumpkins out and made his own Bucky {Buck Teeth} Pumpkin while mommy took care of the rest. My pumpkin was a bat theme {Momma is going Batty} and pretty clear what we did for the kids. Reegan was Diva themed which included a tutu and Fletcher got his monogram carved into the micro-mini pumpkin that Reegan coveted to snack on. ;) We used Fletcher's pumpkin as an announcement to close friends and family what his full name would be....Fletcher Wayne Harding. We selected Wayne because it's his grandfather's name and we wanted to pay tribute to the Harding men in the family as he will be the FIRST great-grandchild to carry on the Harding family name!!! :D

Enjoy pics of our lil' pumpkin doing her thing!!!

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xo - {Rache}

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