Tuesday, November 1, 2011

{Halloween Havoc - Vistancia Halloween Event}

Well after daddy had a LONG DAY of moving Grandma Janet we headed over to the Community Event at Uncle Brett's place. We invited our friends the Streets and their lil Thing 1 {lil D} and Thing 2 {Griffin.} LOTS of "fun" chasing our oldest kiddos around the whole place! There was a stage and band that kept their attention the majority of the time but MAN what an age this is!!!! We were able to get family portraits taken there & make a fun pumpkin frame for Reegan at a craft area in the park. Between dancing, exploring and playing we munched on so YUMMY kettle corn that Aunt Jen got for us. FABULOUS time with some amazing friends!

See our next Halloween Event {Pumpkin Carving} HERE!

xo - {Rache}

<3 Friends <3

My favs!!!!

Skelly DIVA

Thing 1

Dance Dance Revolution!

Jammin with daddy!

Music for everyone!!!

Nom nom...LOVE kettle corn!

Such a HAM!

Mr. WILD Thing 2! ;)

The lil crew

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JenAStreet said...

Yay!! You got some great pics.. I am stealing :)