Wednesday, November 23, 2011

{Photo Challenge - Week 11} & {Be Thankful 23}

{Week 11 - Something Blue} & {Day 23 - Grandparents}

Sure everyone one is thankful for their grandparents! I mean A. We wouldn't be here without them and B. They usually they spoil their grandchildren excessively so what's not to love?!

My relationship with my grandparents is a lot closer than the average. My sister and I grew up under my grandfather {Doyal} and grandmother's {Betty} roof. We learned so many lessons from them and will pass on these family values to our children.

Some of you know that my grandfather passed away several years ago and I wish so many times that he was still here with us but I'm so thankful for the memories I have of him. He was like a father to me! I remember how he would always drive us to school and pick us up everyday {when we were younger we wanted to walk to school and he would follow us to make sure we got there safely}, I remember eating ice cream sandwiches in the backyard while looking at stars on their swinging bench....but most of all I remember spending his last day with him watching old western movies and laughing/ was a perfect day!!!! I'm so thankful that I had such a strong, amazing grandfather that was involved in raising me and made me who I am today.

My grandmother is without a doubt a gift to our family! I don't know how we would manage without her! She watches Reegan most days of the week and man does she LOVE her greatgrand daughter to pieces! I couldn't be happier that Reegan will have the same special relationship with her that my sister and I did.

She is an absolute tower of strength and would do anything for her family. I remember when I was younger if I could sleep I would go to her and I would watch Nick at Night oldies until I could sleep, she would always make a big yummy breakfast in the morning and make sure we took our vitamins but most of all I will cherish seeing her every week with my daughter singing, making her a yummy breakfast and loving her to death! Her supporting words, encouragement and guidance with my first child have been the best gift of all!!!! The word thankful can't possibly define our gratitude for her!

I was making a Thanksiving craft of Reegans hand prints and ran across this picture of my grandparents! It's also my something blue picture....of a picture of my grandma's fab vintage dress!

Be thankful for your ancestors and your special relationship with them!

xo - {Rache}

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