Tuesday, November 29, 2011

{An R & R Thanksgiving}

REST AND RELAXATION that is...not Ryan and Rachel. While Ryan and Reegan made it out to visit family I had to stay home and be a good momma/preggers and get some rest and relaxation for myself and Fletcher.

I did take a quick break to the tot lot by our house to snap some pictures of Reegan in her fall outfit and Thanksgiving theme headband I made for her. I just LOVE her in these little stockings!

Luckily, the Broman family stopped by later in the day so I did get to have that feeling of gathering with some awesome people in our lives and over-eating in a major way! Haha!

Last year's Thanksgiving post can be seen HERE! And as you have been reading mommy has been doing a thankful post "daily" this November but last year daddy did a thankful post that can be read HERE!

xo - {Rache}


Megan said...

I love these photos! Did you take them with your Nikon or iPhone?

Rachel Harding said...

The Nikon and used some free Photoshop actions I downloaded for the finishing touch. :)