Tuesday, November 29, 2011

{Reegan's 15 Month Check @ Northwestern Clinic for Children}

So today Reegan had her 15 month check. Her stats are weight 22 lbs, height 32.25 inches and head circumference 48.25 inches {as seen below!} She was already crying when they were taking her measurements. LOL! So you can imagine her reaction to the shots. :/ Mommy got LOTS of hugs that's for sure and she kept saying "UP!" as she does now when she needs to be held. ;)

Overall she did great. She was "reading" books while the Dr. Karen Kennedy and I chatted...and the doctor said that was geart because reading will help develop her words and ability to communicate easier. The doctor said that at her age she should be do about five words and she quickly followed that Reegan clearly exceeds the average. She gave Reegan a tongue suppressor which she LOVED! Haha! Only thing is we DEF have to get this lil lady off her bottle and binky. Turns out that they have to be off by 18 months and she also is advanced in getting her teeth in per the doctor so it's even more important that we get her off those so that they don't mess up her teeth...especially since momma had to get braces. :/

Enjoy the pics of Reegan playing dress up in momma's accessories, running around, chewing on the tongue suppressor, shedding some tears and giving momma hugs...what a trip to the pediatrician. ;)

xo - {Rache}   


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