Friday, December 16, 2011

{2011 Holiday Post Card Preview}

I just love my postcard this year and CAN NOT wait to send it out. LATE you say?....I'm TERRIBLE about doing everyone's card orders before my own so as long as it is post marked for before December 25th I'm good. Haha! So here is a lil preview of my design....tricky tricky can't really see much of it at all. LOL! That's because it's VERY basic/nontraditional this year. The cards shipped to me today so I'm hoping to have them out next week! What I did this year was make my design and upload it onto a postcard to ensure a nice quality card that won't get damaged in the rainy holiday weather.

Don't you just LOVE that lil grin on the right? My lil cutie!!!

xo - {Rache}

1 comment:

Auntia said...

YES! That little grin is to die for! ;)