Wednesday, December 21, 2011

{2011 Zoo Lights}

It's our second year in a row to enjoy critters during Christmas at the Phoenix Zoo Lights presentation. It's so much fun to join our friends the Streets and to hear the little ones Oooo and Ahhh at the spectacular sight. This year Griffin was added to our little pack! :D I truly enjoy our joint family tradition (Jen's post from last year since I didn't do one :/) and am looking forward to Fletcher joining the group! 

This year we decided to go on a weekday rather than over the weekend and WHAT A DIFFERENCE.  We actually got to park in the normal parking lot and have a short walk compared to a long hike from a far last year.  Even though we are not able to see the animals, we still had a great time watching the kids enjoys the lights, and the light show set up by The Phoenix Zoo.

Reegan had her moments of enjoying the lights, but was more interested in Dallas, Griffin, Kettle Corn, and what ever she could find on the ground.  It will be so great seeing all three (soon to be four) kids enjoy Zoo Lights more and more as the years go on.

Enjoy some of the pictures from the fun and colorful night at the Zoo!!! And even though Reegan did well on the gorilla's lap below you can see that WAS NOT the case with Santa HERE!

P.S. Everyone was able to make it home without a fender bender :-)  

xo - {Rache  and Ryan}


Auntia Heather said...

Love all of the pics! Reegs top is so cute!

JenAStreet said...

Fun times! A holiday tradition that we love too!!

Rachel Harding said...

Love those holiday traditions!!! :D