Monday, February 13, 2012

{Season of Sickness}

So I fell of the face of my blog for these last few months. Main reason besides it just being the holidays and preggers was that me & my baby love were SOOOOOOO sick for the majority of these winter months! :( It's been NO FUN at all! I had to stay home on Thanksgiving Day and after Christmas we really have just had a continuous battle with croup, bronchitis, fevers, sniffles, breathing treatments, trip to the ER etc. etc. 

It all started on December 30th when Reegan developed a barking cough. We/Daddy did some research and figured it was likely croup. We made an appointment for her to see the doctor the next day and sure enough we were right. And not only was it croup but a double infection too! I was so thankful that we took her in when we did. At the pediatrician she got a dose of steroids and we were sent home with 2 more doses and antibiotics for her ear infection. Phewph! We survived her first REAL sickness issue.

OH then January 15th rolled around and we noticed Reegan had a little cough but nothing big. WELL we were in ER at 1:00am with a spiked fever over 103 {wasn't accurate because she would let me get a good temp.} Which was all too familiar from the days of dealing with her ureter tube issue. But this time it was a breathing treatment {her first ever} and a single ear more antibiotics. We were disappointed that she still had an ear infection from the first time around....or maybe it was a new one but one thing is sure that we felt so bad that our lil girl wasn't feeling well.

Then most recently on February 4th she was again having a very tough time with a nasty cough. We had taken her to a secondary pediatrician that was available on the weekends because we didn't want to end up in ER again with her. This time they said that she was likely pre-asthmatic and sent her and daddy home with a nebulizer and albuterol. Mommy and auntie were having our dual baby shower/diaper drive so I was VERY STRESSED that I couldn't be there with my baby. After a follow up with her primary doctor asthma is currently ruled out and it was diagnosed as bronchitis.

So we have OFFICIALLY started Reegan on a little vitamin regiment {kids Emergency C, DHA & probiotic} thanks to the help/research of her auntie Meg. Hoping to have her 100% healthy when Fletcher comes so that she get love on her brother all that she wants. Unfortunatly, we know that it will take 2 months for her lungs to fully recover from all these sicky times and it is also RSV season so we are going to have to be extra careful when it comes to lil man! Wish us luck and lots of healthy the reast of this winter season!!!

xo - {Rache}   

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