Saturday, March 31, 2012

{Just Like Daddy}

When we asked Reegan about this picture she said it was's actually daddy but I must admit that this picture and familiar newborn position show a crazy resemblance! He definitely is just like daddy as his shirt says. :)

xo - {Rache}

Thursday, March 29, 2012

{Party Animals ALREADY?!}

Nough said! LOL! :/

xo - {Rache}

{Reegan LOVES Fletcher}

Enjoy a few quick videos of Reegan showin the Fletch Man some love. I'm hoping that they are super close as they grow older. :) My fav is when she is holding his hand in the first video. SUPER SWEET STUFF.

xo - {Rache}

{Baby Album Preview}

Pretty excited about the Shutterfly album I created for Fletcher's baby pictures. Here is a little preview. And if you are wondering where the family pictures are please don't fret...they are coming soon. ;)

xo - {Rache}

Sunday, March 18, 2012

{First Bath}

So it's tradition for daddy to give the first bath once baby is home! Check out the pics of Fletch for his first bath taken on Feb 15th.

xo - {Rache}

{My Guy}

I love him head to toes!

xo - {Rache}


Looking back on some pictures of when Fletcher first cane home. He is by far the more smiley of our two babies. I wonder what he is thinking about that puts a smile on his face so much...I've heard it is just due to gas. LOL! Oh well! Typical guy! Haha!

xo - {Rache}

{Little Brother}

I think he is the BEST lil bro anyone could ask for. ;)

Enjoy lil man in his cute outfit he has already outgrown. :*(

xo - {Rache}

{Happy Little Harding Family}

The joys in my life! The happiness that they bring me could never really be measured, expressed, explained but I truly think that these pictures speak volumes to how happy our little family unit is. I'm excited to raise these kiddos and watch them develop their own little personalities. So far Reegan is quite the diva doll and Fletcher is the chill boy. :D I would do anything in the world for them because they are my everything!

xo - {Rache}

{The Big Snip}

Definitely a huge minus to having a boy. And of course you knoooooow I was going to blog about this! LOL! This was Fletcher's third and probably least favorite trip to his pediatrician at two weeks old. Everything went fine. The doctor went over things and kinda whisked him away saying bye momma and had me give him a kiss. Probably for the best since I likely would have been traumatized if I watched his procedure. I posted about it and got advise from other mommies...I got gauze and bought at least give tubes of Vaseline that we definitely used up to make sure he was as comfortable as possible. I don't think I've ever had a more stressful diaper change where I was literally sweating as the first one post snip! ;)Daddy was a wreck all morning and very happy that mommy handed this doctor's trip with the help of grandma Betty. LOL! Thank goodness that our doc gave Fletcher a local and the favorite sugar his dazed and confused picture but there was definitely a lot of tears as seen below. But he survived and about a week later was good to go! :)

xo - {Rache}

{Fletcher's Baby Pictures}

We were blessed to have pictures taken by Sapphire Eyes Photography. I think it is important to capture these moments as often as possible because they just pass by too fast!

I decided to do some of the same pictures for both my kiddos so we could see how much they look alike.

I love the creativity of our photographer and so do most of our friends and those that have expressed otherwise I say these are my children, these pictures I treasure and if you don't think these pictures are adorable then you've got problems! ;)

What I see are my little babies. They are miracles that God has blessed me with. Life is fragile and I feel sorry for anyone that would criticize the beauty I see in these pictures.

Enjoy these special pictures that mean the world to me and my husband!

xo - {Rache}