Monday, April 30, 2012

{Commmmme Here}

So it seems like I have heard a lot lately that I need to post up videos of what the kids are up to so that's just what I'm going to do. Expect to see more videos here on the blog because pictures say a thousand words but nothing beats actual video! Here is Reegan doing the sweetest request to come over to her...I was giving smooches at her request. 

xo - {Rache}

Friday, April 27, 2012

{Flithy Fridays}

So we all know having a kiddo(s) is WORK! I had a little gem of a morning as I let Ms. Reegan feed herself breakfast. This of course meant scooping yogurt straight from the container with not one but two hands. But honestly this mess I don't mind as much because of course along the way from bottle to baby foods to solids to eating on their own we can expect quite a mess. If we never allowed her to feed herself she would never learn though. So I just push her sleeves up, bib it up and let her go at it. Best part was after she dunks both hands in, starts clapping with yogurt hands and finger paints her tray with yogurt she tells me "All done. Wipe. Fingers cold." Haha! Like way to make a mess and tell ME to get on cleaning it up! LOL!!! And all the while I'm feeding Fletcher and my house still looks the same as last Filthy Friday post. ;)

Enjoy the pics of our adventures of eating on our own. :)

xo - {Rache}

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

{Bookworm I - Party Planning}

Well as I mentioned Reegan's birthday day theme will be Bookworm/School theme. SOOOOO I'm pretty pumped because I found this fabulous little vintage chair on Craigslist and I'm going to use it for the photoshoot for her invitation and as a prop or something for the party. My MAJOR dilemma is I'm not sure if I should leave as is or modify. And if I do spruce it up I would leave the wood part as is + sand down just a bit and add a clear coat but the metal part would DEF need to be repainted. What color do you think would be best because I have no idea. Choices are red, teal, yellow or bright pink. I also have included some more inspiration for the party. I can't wait!!!! :)

xo - {Rache}

{Instagram Insanity}

LOVE this feature I JUST learned about!Collage that is STOCK FULL of my babies and a few others things. ;)Plus my VERY FIRST pic which was of course of Reegs. :)

xo - {Rache}

{A Seat for My Lil' Sweet}

So I just had to get the adorbs seat on the left {saw it in Pinterest} for my niecey on the way. It's a SweetSeat that is almost as fabulous as she will be! I'm sad that I didn't know about these cute booster chairs for Reegan! But Reegans loss is Scarlett's gain because one of the girls had to have this cutie creation!

Enjoy the pics of the yellow citrus chair...its a totally girl version of her bumbo! It's going to be to die for cute when she is cuddled up on it.

Also HOW CUTE is she in her 4d ultrasound pics taken around 36 weeks in momma's belly?! I know she is just going to steal my heart in just a couple of weeks with those chubby cheeks of hers!!!! :)

xo - {Rache}

{In Your Shoes & Shirt}

We adore how Reegan LOVES to walk around in our shoes or in this case daddy's frat shirt. It makes for a mess with our shoes scattered everywhere but the cuteness factor outweighs the time it takes to pick up the mess she makes....wait do we clean it up or do we just grab the shoes as we head out the door to work??? You'll never know! Haha! Anyway enjoy my lil frat brat! JK! She was really being so sweet her in her daddy's frat tee and play with her Strawberry Shortcake doll.


xo - {Rache}

{One with Words}

So I love my mommy texts that go back and forth between my friend Vanessa and I. It's always refreshing to hear a fellow mommy that is on the same page a you. It gets kinda crazy with raising munchkins and sometimes feeling like you are being judged by's like HEY WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER...right? The sleepless nights that are exhausting but that I wouldn't trade for the world. A misbehaving toddler that I'm scolding one minute and the next she has me laughing and once again manages to melt mommy's heart. Well as we all know I'm all about making things look pretty but wording/text/stories...not really my strong suit. :/ BUT my girl Vanessa is and her latest post is a perfect description of the ups and downs of parenthood. So I had to give her props here and add the lovely post to my blog! PS I LOVE LOVE LOVE the gummy smiles...I used to call Fletch gummi bear before we knew if our baby was a boy or girl. :)


xo - {Rache}

Motherhood, for you I gave up guarantees and road maps –  The Great With Child by Beth Ann Fennelly

Incredible love. Overwhelming worry. An even greater belief in God. An even greater need for prayer. Needing support. Not knowing what you need. Gummy smiles. Spit up…everywhere. The miracle of breast feeding. The drain of breast feeding. Keeping our marriage in focus. Losing each other in diapers and the fatigue. Hand dimples. My amazing body grew this incredible miracle? Whose misshapen body is this? 10 million “best” ways to do things. No best way and no need for comparison. Open mouth kisses from pink bow tie lips. Mountains of spit-up covered laundry. Tears of frustration…from me and the baby. Huge smiles and twinkling eyes…from me and the baby. Missing old me. Loving new me. Button nose.

{Mr. Dimple Butt}

As I was bathing lil Mr. Fletch last night I was noticing in the mirror that he has some serious stuff going on with his bootie! He gives a whole new meaning to cottage cheese! Lol! And it's def a bottom only this momma could love! Haha!

Enjoy because he is gonna KILL me over this pic when he is older! ;)

xo - {Rache}

Friday, April 20, 2012

{M&M + <3}

More melt your heart pics!

xo - {Rache}

{Filthy Fridays}

So my friend Vanessa and I often get real and talk about the dirt on being a parent and let me tell you it can leave you wanting to say, "This is a mess!!!" {David Hasselhoff style} So in thinking about my blog I hardly ever share the real side of things that I'm normally eager to share with my fellow mommies. My blog is mostly the adorbs pics and updates and sweet things about my lovies! So I've decided to share the low down dirty parts of being a mommy because HEY we are all going through this and I've decided to admit that I'm not a super mom. My house is not perfectly organized, my kids sometimes misbehave and I definitely still am in my PJs + have not showered + brushed my teeth yet today. I'm including some pics of my chaotic casa + some apple skins left over from Reegan's breakfast. EEK! If your wondering if I'm just a messy person let me be the first to admit I am but that is in great part due to circumstance. Because I would rather hustle and get my daughter her breakfast and feed my son then let them cry while I clean up some apple skins that aren't going anywhere. So you can expect to get see some dirty details posted on Fridays during nap time hours as I blog while Reegan fights her naps. ;) The joys of parenthood right?! Well it is without a doubt the biggest challenge of my life but I WOULD NOT change one single thing about it!

Enjoy the pics and don't judge me! Haha!!!!

Some of my fav mommy bloggers that keep it real can be seen below! :)

xo -

Thursday, April 19, 2012

{Too Cute at Two Months}

Today was Fletcher's Two Month Check and surprise surprise...he is a lil tub! He weighed in at 13.8 lbs, 24.25 for height and 41 for head circumference. He had a lil bit of cradle cap the doctor said so we will be rubbing him down with some lotion/oil to take care of that. He also got his first round of dreaded vaccines!!! ;)

Mommy made sure he got his sugar water and had a bottle waiting for him after us was all done with. I must admit I was dangerous close to crying...just started laughing like crazy to hide it from the nurse. Quite possible she thought I was nutso! LOL! Enjoy the pics of him during his check...ESP the one of him hamming it up with his's as if he's trying to show + say look mom I grew!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

{Watch Fletcher Grow - 1 O'Clock Month}

My, my how times flies by! My lil' man came home so small and skinny and now our lil' tub is one healthy looking boy! I can't wait to see what his stats are at his 2 month check this Thursday!!!!

Hope you love my belated 1 month pic....taken at the tail end of his 1 month. ;) I PROMISE to do monthly pics with Mr. bc I know he is gonna be packing some serious pounds as eating is his FAV thing to do! Haha!

xo - {Rache}


Monday, April 16, 2012

{M&M Sweeties}

M&M <3 = Melt Mommy's Heart. They just melt my heart with how cute they are. I decided to snap some pics of lil man's new chevron boppy cover when sista decided to jump in on the fun!

I hope they make you smile like I was!

xo - {Rache}