Friday, April 20, 2012

{Filthy Fridays}

So my friend Vanessa and I often get real and talk about the dirt on being a parent and let me tell you it can leave you wanting to say, "This is a mess!!!" {David Hasselhoff style} So in thinking about my blog I hardly ever share the real side of things that I'm normally eager to share with my fellow mommies. My blog is mostly the adorbs pics and updates and sweet things about my lovies! So I've decided to share the low down dirty parts of being a mommy because HEY we are all going through this and I've decided to admit that I'm not a super mom. My house is not perfectly organized, my kids sometimes misbehave and I definitely still am in my PJs + have not showered + brushed my teeth yet today. I'm including some pics of my chaotic casa + some apple skins left over from Reegan's breakfast. EEK! If your wondering if I'm just a messy person let me be the first to admit I am but that is in great part due to circumstance. Because I would rather hustle and get my daughter her breakfast and feed my son then let them cry while I clean up some apple skins that aren't going anywhere. So you can expect to get see some dirty details posted on Fridays during nap time hours as I blog while Reegan fights her naps. ;) The joys of parenthood right?! Well it is without a doubt the biggest challenge of my life but I WOULD NOT change one single thing about it!

Enjoy the pics and don't judge me! Haha!!!!

Some of my fav mommy bloggers that keep it real can be seen below! :)

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