Friday, April 27, 2012

{Flithy Fridays}

So we all know having a kiddo(s) is WORK! I had a little gem of a morning as I let Ms. Reegan feed herself breakfast. This of course meant scooping yogurt straight from the container with not one but two hands. But honestly this mess I don't mind as much because of course along the way from bottle to baby foods to solids to eating on their own we can expect quite a mess. If we never allowed her to feed herself she would never learn though. So I just push her sleeves up, bib it up and let her go at it. Best part was after she dunks both hands in, starts clapping with yogurt hands and finger paints her tray with yogurt she tells me "All done. Wipe. Fingers cold." Haha! Like way to make a mess and tell ME to get on cleaning it up! LOL!!! And all the while I'm feeding Fletcher and my house still looks the same as last Filthy Friday post. ;)

Enjoy the pics of our adventures of eating on our own. :)

xo - {Rache}

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