Wednesday, April 25, 2012

{One with Words}

So I love my mommy texts that go back and forth between my friend Vanessa and I. It's always refreshing to hear a fellow mommy that is on the same page a you. It gets kinda crazy with raising munchkins and sometimes feeling like you are being judged by's like HEY WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER...right? The sleepless nights that are exhausting but that I wouldn't trade for the world. A misbehaving toddler that I'm scolding one minute and the next she has me laughing and once again manages to melt mommy's heart. Well as we all know I'm all about making things look pretty but wording/text/stories...not really my strong suit. :/ BUT my girl Vanessa is and her latest post is a perfect description of the ups and downs of parenthood. So I had to give her props here and add the lovely post to my blog! PS I LOVE LOVE LOVE the gummy smiles...I used to call Fletch gummi bear before we knew if our baby was a boy or girl. :)


xo - {Rache}

Motherhood, for you I gave up guarantees and road maps –  The Great With Child by Beth Ann Fennelly

Incredible love. Overwhelming worry. An even greater belief in God. An even greater need for prayer. Needing support. Not knowing what you need. Gummy smiles. Spit up…everywhere. The miracle of breast feeding. The drain of breast feeding. Keeping our marriage in focus. Losing each other in diapers and the fatigue. Hand dimples. My amazing body grew this incredible miracle? Whose misshapen body is this? 10 million “best” ways to do things. No best way and no need for comparison. Open mouth kisses from pink bow tie lips. Mountains of spit-up covered laundry. Tears of frustration…from me and the baby. Huge smiles and twinkling eyes…from me and the baby. Missing old me. Loving new me. Button nose.

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