Friday, May 4, 2012

{Filthy Fridays}

Sink or swim? Usually drowning in what seems to be never ending housework. Don't get me wrong sometimes I actually enjoy spending time scrubbing la casa down but my main issue is time! As my Filthy Friday partner in crime mentioned in her post today...your thinking rather than blogging weekly about a messy house just freaking clean it. :/ WELLLL I'm so glad you bring that up. My blog posts come to you via cell while I am either A. Pumping or B. Feeding Fletcher with a bottle in one hand and blogging with the free hand. Multi tasking at its finest! So when a post has just gone out you might wonder weather I'm pumpin it or dumpin it in Fletcher's mouth (TMI!) I know! LOL!

So yeah here are my awesome functioning (errr maybe not all of them) sinks! I think 1 of 4 being clean is pretty good and that is the guest bathroom so if you come over to our house don't're all set! ;) As you can see in the pic of my master sink we have cleaning supplies...those were no doubt there last time I was cleaning and unfortunately got side tracked and never finished the countertop. :( And bottles?! We've got your bottles in our kitchen sink. The kids bathroom is covered in their wash clothes from bath time that are drying.

So next time you are at your sink whether it be clean or messy you can think of me and know that at the Harding household we are sinkin like the Titanic. :( But what causes our messy sinks?!

My Master = mommy is playing/feeding/singing/dancing with babies rather than getting ready or picking up my sink area

The Kitchen = happy, healthy and full bellied babies

The kiddies = Fun bath times

The guest = our guests have it together and keep their sink clean! LOL!

xo -{Rache}

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Vanessa said...

Girl you just gotta get your guests to help out elsewhere since they're so on point!