Monday, May 21, 2012

{Happy Birthday + Mother's Day II}

Well it was certainly a day for the books! As some...well most of you know we were just blessed to have a new member added to the family, my niece Scarlett Elizabeth Stevens. 

I was witness as she made her way into the world on May 11th {mine + Heather's birthday} just a couple days before Mother's Day. How different it was to be on the flip side of the birthing experience. I can't describe the overwhelming rush of emotions {in total awe} that came once that little baby girl took her first breath + cry outside the womb. That gaze of hers into my sister, her mother's's something I could NEVER forget.  

I was totally lost in the moment and I think I might have been saying she was so sweet over and over. I of course could take tons of pics on auto pilot and did so but I certainly was taking every second in. Tears were a plenty as our lil' chubby wonder was cleaned up and passed around for all of us to love on.

Side story: It's likely I will be telling this story to any person that might glance my way at the grocery store or in any small talk situation for the rest of my life. SO Heather and I share a birthday {DUH!} which is May 11th, as I just informed you Scarlett was born on May 11th. Kinda awesome right....there's more. Our husbands {who are not identical twins} share the same birthday on August 12th. They are six years apart but yeah it's the same day. My daughter came into the world on the boys birthday. SOOOO between us, our husbands and our first borns we all share two birthdays. It's pretty crazy six family members on two days. More similiarities we both had first born girls, they both are A+ blood type and also both scored a 10 on their Apgar Test because they are stunnas! ;) Then there is Mr. Fletch who was almost born on Valentine's Day but missed it by 16 minutes...but he is still my lil baby LOVE! He's the lucky one that gets a day all to himself. :)

I'm, as always, just feeling super blessed for these little angels in our lives. How amazing that not only has He given us each other but intertwined us in such a special, unique way. I cherish these times more than anyone could comprehend. 

They are my heart...they are my home...they are my everything. What a spectacular birthday and Mother's Day it was this year. 

Thanks be to Him. 

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Heather said...

I was nearly in tears reading this post in my OB's waiting room! <3 you so much sista! XO!