Wednesday, May 9, 2012

{Henry's Red Egg and Ginger Party}

We Harding's were so excited + honored to be invited to attend Henry Erickson's Red Egg and Ginger Party. When we got the evite I thought YES to anything to celebrate one of the cutest babies here on God's green earth. Next was to figure out what this celebration was all about. See below:

In Chinese culture, a baby'sfirst month birthday calls for a celebration. Proud parentsintroduce their latest addition to friends and relatives by holding a redegg and ginger party. Traditionally, the baby's name is also announced at thistime.

It was our first celebration of this type and I just COULDN'T wait and got working right away to prepare our custom gifts for the lil' man.

I decided on two crochet red eggs for him to remember the day + play with as a baby. AND some custom baby block handmade by moi. 

SIDETRACK: Reegan got this very cool year of the Tiger box when she was a baby....sooo I wanted to add the year of the dragon into the mix on his baby blocks.

So they had Henry's name, his stats, family pictures, year of the dragon picture, words describing year of the dragon babes and abc + 123. What a labor of love these lil' blocks were...felt bad that it was my first go at it and it was a gift for someone. :/ Some of the papers weren't as sturdy as I wanted even after sealing them with Mod Podge Spray. But luckily Henry's momma (Vanessa + my Filthy Friday buddy + texting friend + so much more) is one crafty lady so I have faith that those blocks will be repaired if needed with no problem. 

FAST FORWARD: What a beautiful day it was at the party. Perfect weather + delish food + wonderful people (I spilled a soda ALL OVER Judy's (the grandma) floor and she was such a great hostess and handled it all + lil' man was cute as ever!

There was a pool there and OF COURSE my lil' diva doll some how weaseled her way in...started with her feet but them somehow she was in her diap and bloomers on the pool step. Haha! On the other end of the spectrum Fletcher pretty much slept through the whole extravaganza. LOL! But it was great relaxing with the Erickson's + some of Ryan's other frat brothers + new family members and friends we met! All I have to say is that if this is what Red Egg Parties are all about I want to attend one weekly! LOL!

Enjoy the pics of our fun gifts + the day. SADLY, I don't have any of Henry...SHEESH! As you can imagine the lil' man was hard to get my hands on (didn't happen) much less to get a peak at. :/ I have told his momma already that I'm hogging him next time I see him. :)

xo - {Rache}


Vanessa said...

You and your family are simply the best, girl! No one has blessed us/Henry with more meaningful and thoughtful gifts to celebrate him. You make this mama so happy and help keep me sane. Can't thank you enough for your presence in our life.

Rachel Harding said...

Awh! I'm so glad you appreciate those gifts that are made with lots of love. I'm so thankful for you as well lady! I look forward to your pics + texts + messages + writings...pretty much a stalker but how could I not be?! :)

Wes said...

Lovely post and definitely some of the most creative hand-crafted Red Egg and Ginger Party gifts I've seen. So thoughtful and cool!