Tuesday, May 29, 2012

{My Journey to 30}

So I always think + talk about how I need to get it together and get things organized + refine my system BUT it's a struggle to find balance with streamlining my life and taking the time to appreciate + love + play with my children that are growing at the speed of light. 

When I was younger {I know I'm still a baby} I would talk with friends about kids + life plans + etc. and it seemed like everything had to be figured out by age 30. 

How was that number selected...I HAVE NO IDEA! 

But it wasn't just me that had this target number in my head so I'm thinking it's probably pretty common. Well imagine how I'm feeling now that life is more chaotic than ever + some life decisions are still undecided and 30 is right around the corner.

So I welcome you to My Journey to 30 {pretty sure there is a movie out there like this now...note to self to go check that out.} Don't get me wrong people!!!...I don't feel like life ends at 30 or anything but why not use this as an excuse to amp up my efforts to get things together?! 

My initial efforts list include:

1 become more dedicated to Him:
I have been involved in church my whole life but as of late religion has taken a back seat to my busy life which is a big problem. I have always found such comfort when I'm actively involved in church and bring Him to the forefront. I think its honestly that I feel I have been so blessed...which is so backwards because this of course should be the main reason to give thanks + serve + pray + read the good word. Well at this point it's not just for me it's for my family.  

2 making time for myself: 
refine my design skills...maybe take a course?!

dailyish pics are part of this effort to hold me accountable on actually getting ready + putting myself together for the day {see below.}

making a fitness routine {OK I def saw this in that movie preview...wishing I started this before said movie}

taking my vitamins {this is silly to add in here but hey it's my list so mahhhhhh!}

refining my mommy look more {I want my kiddos to be proud of me in that I actually look + dressed like I have it together somewhat...my wardrobe is last on the list of things to improve on normally but it needs HELP!}

3 supporting my husband + best friend: 
OLIVE JUICE. making sure that everyday he knows he is so loved by yours truly. be it a note, an action, some yummy grub, or just a GOOD kiss + an I LOVE YOU!

communication is key. we always do pretty good in this department but there is room for improvement.

taking time out for us...movies movies movies are our thing. We love them and we have been making a solid effort to get out kid free and do us.

a way to a man's heart is through is stomach and my hubs LOVES him some good food...so I must cook more and make it good.plus tons of blogs i love + pinterest always have excellent recipes to try. :)

staying so fresh and so clean...the house that is. We are trying so hard to organize and create a system at home. this is the BIGGIE hurdle that we are trying to jump + conquer. not sure if this will ever happen but I would LOVE for it to happen...I think I need to be a person on a show where they come in and get it all done for me...hmmmmm.note to self look into shows + requirements. LOL! JK!

4 kidlets:
less scolding and more silliness. that is it.

for your sake I'm cutting it off here. I'm sure I've lost most of my readers + there is more but I will come back to it next week...because this post was supposed to go out last week. UGH! 

Alright well I hope you are ready for the ride because this lil journey is gonna be fun!

PICTURES: at work early one day WOOT WOOT + fakish smile while hanging in Reegan's room + my TRUE laughing face...not my fav + with my lil man.


Anonymous said...

What a great post! I agree with you that we can all get better in a few areas in our life. I for one can take note with all the things you mentioned in here. First and foremost, putting God first in our daily lives. He has blessed us with so many things, and we need to give thanks for Him, and all he does.

I look forward to this journey to 30 with you, then the journey to 60, then to 90, then to ????

You, Reegan, and Fletcher are the biggest joys in my life, and I love you all with my heart and soul.

Thanks for sharing!


JenAStreet said...

aw ain't Mr. Harding the sweetest!! I agree though 30 sounded so old when we were little and now that it's almost here I need to get on it too!!

Great post my friend, can't wait to follow along!

Vanesaa said...

Can't wait to follow your journey! I think you know I'm trying to work on many of the same issues so I'd love to be a moral support for ya, friend.

aubrey kinch said...

You're awesome.
Love your goals and key points of life to refine. We can always be bettering ourselves and what better way to do that than to be lead by our Lord?
Promise, if he's your center, it'll all fall into place.
Can't wait to read along your fabulous journey!


Rachel Harding said...

Thanks everyone! There will be trials. I just even found out today that lil' man likely has a food allergy. This means that since he is breastfed that I will have to alter my diet...I did this with Reegan and it didn't go well. I definitely cracked + cried maybe a week in last time. It's a lot of pressure on top of the normal daily stuff. I'm gonna get my booty prayin on this ASAP and I know it will all be OK. BIG XO to you all!!!!!